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Thank you for your generous contribution to Fresh Water Friends, and your investment in the lives and health of our brothers and sisters overseas. We are thrilled that you have donated to help build more wells that provide water for an entire village without restrictions based on religion, class, caste, creed, gender, or any other discrimination.

Wells are a gift of life for these communities, as they cut the child death rate in half, and enable men, women, and children to pursue education and gainful employment. We mean it when we say…

You're not just giving water - you're giving everything that water brings!

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Please make all checks out to “Fresh Water Friends". You may add the name of your team on the memo: section.

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“We don’t even know how to thank you! Our own people and politicians don’t even know that we exist - even our State forgot about us. But we are also just like any other humans. Our villagers and all our plants and livestock are enjoying this Living Water – our entire village and every single individual came alive now. Thank you so very much Fresh Water Friends for all your generosity. We will tell this story to our children and pass it from generation to generation.” - from a grateful villager.