COVID-19 Relief

“Please give us water. Even if food is not given, we can manage.
But please give us water, because no one will give us water or we will die.”

India went into lockdown on March 25, giving people 4 hours’ notice before shutting down all transportation in the country. As a result, millions of migrant workers and day laborers were stranded with no job, no money, no food, and in many cases no shelter. Many are walking hundreds of miles in the summer heat trying to get to their own villages with no access to clean water.

Fresh Water Friends Partners Are Dispensing Much Needed Water

Fresh Water Friends is uniquely positioned to serve in this crisis – without even drilling a bedrock well! While drilling is on hold, we are temporarily supplying bottled water to hundreds of people every day – personally delivered by our partner, Lamech and his family.

For $25 we can provide water for 200 people every day! We know the challenges all of us are facing today. Yet, if you are able, you can give a cup of ‘cold water,’ by clicking the Send Relief button below. 

Your generosity enables us to share living water. 
Thank You!

COVID-19 Relief - Donation Page

COVID-19 Relief Donations

Or, if you prefer, please make all checks out to “Fresh Water Friends” and send to:

Fresh Water Friends
P.O. Box 56
East Aurora, NY 14052
* Remember to write COVID-19 Relief in the memo.