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Non-Discrimination Policy

Water for Everybody!

We believe every person should have the right to water. Fresh Water Friends® does not discriminate and will not work with those who will not allow everyone to have free access to water. So we partner with people in the field that are committed to our policy of non-discrimination:

All field activities financed from the funds shall be conducted in accordance with the objectives as stated in our purposes and absolutely no discrimination shall be permitted on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, caste, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, economic status, marital status, military status or political views, in any of Fresh Water Friends’® water delivery operations."

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Fresh Water Friends® was founded in January 2015 by Steve Surprenant when he realized that he could do something to help alleviate the need for clean water in India. As an environmental geologist, he was familiar with the process of drilling wells and knew the enormous benefits that fresh water could bring.

But how could he afford to fund a well? He decided to ask some friends to join him in “buying” a deep bedrock well for a village in India. His pitch was: “Give any amount, at least once a year, and join the team!” Together, they formed a team, donated collectively, and bought their first well in 4 weeks.

By April 2020, Fresh Water Friends® has raised over $300,000 for bedrock wells. This has enabled FWF to install over 120 deep bedrock wells in India, Pakistan, Uganda, and Malawi, serving over 100,000 people. Amazing things happen when friends collectively “Give any amount, at least once a year."

Why Us?

Other organizations install wells for 2-3 times the cost of what Fresh Water Friends® can do. We keep our expenses down and have someone personally manage the project every step of the way; always accountable for every dollar being spent. FWF can install many more wells this way so that more villages can benefit.

How Can I Help?

Hundreds of villages are patiently waiting and praying for their own water well. Anyone can start their own FWF Team to buy a water well. To learn more about it, go to our Fund Raising Teams page.

If you'd rather just donate to the General Donations Fund, that would be greatly valued. The General Donations Fund is used to help run the entire organization which enables us to install more wells!

Click on the Donate Now button on the right.

News Flash!!

Fresh Water Friends® has just been added to the Amazon Smile program, which allows people to shop through Amazon.com under the Fresh Water Friends® account. Amazon contributes a percentage of the balance which goes to FWF General Needs Fund! Your pricing and shipping charges never change.

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